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سلام خدمت کاربران و همراهان همیشگی سایت و کانال اَپدونی .
همونطور که میبینید و ما اینبار هم برای اولین بار در ایران یک فایل را منتشر میکنیم و اون فایل، فایلی نیست جز ویندوز 11 که توسط یکی از کارمند های ماکروسافت لو رفته است . حالا شما میتوانید این ویندوز شگفت انگیز را از وب سایت ما با سرعت بالا دانلود کنید.

در این نسخه از ویندوز از هسته همان ویندوز 10 استفاده شده است، اما بسیار سبک تر و حرفه ای تر طراحی شده است
منو استارت و تول بار در وسط پایین قرار دارد و صفحه ها را دور بری کرده اند .
فضای کار بیشتر شده است.
تعامل بیشتره شده است (مخصوص صفحه نمایش های لمسی)

Windows 10X start menu leak
دانلود windows 11

اگر قبلا از ویندوز استفاده کرده باشید و ایمیل outlook داشته باشید با ورود به ویندوز 11 تصاویر زمینه و تمامی تنظیمات آن ویندوز به اینجا انتقال پیدا میکند از مرورگر و سابقه اش

ویندوز 11 پرو واقعا از UI جذابی برخوردار است .من شخصا به عنوان یک برنامه نویس لذت بردم (هم ساده و هم شیک).

Windows 11 First Impressions - Thurrott.com
ویندوز 11 دانلود لینک مستقیم

تصاویر زمینه خیلی شیک به صورت خودکار اسلاید میشوند
با همه پلتفرم ها و دیوایس های جدید سازگاره

ما اینجا ویدیو ای برای شما آماده کردیم از نحوه کارکرد:

دقت کنید که سرعت پایین لود شدن به دلیل اینه که سیستم طرف خیلی ضعیفه و داره از دوتا ویندوز همزمان استفاده میکنه

ویدیو تست ویندوز 11

هنوز خود ماکروسافت به صورت رسمی این ویندوز رو رونمایی و منتشر نکرده ما برای اولین بار این ویندوز را منتشر میکنیم .
لطفا توی کانال ما در تلگرام هم عضو شوید (خوشحال میشیم)
آیدی @AppDUNY

کسانی که نصب کردند نظر خودشون رو تو کامنت ها بگن


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اگر لینک دانلود کار نکرد ، انگشت خود را روی لینک نگه داشته و بازکردن در صفحه جدید رو بزنید ( open in new tab )

بهترین روش استفاده از ADM است

قابلیت هایی که در آپدیت جدید اضافه شده

A big update to Windows 11 won't just be to the look of the operating system, but in the useful features that it can bring to many situations. It's been reported that Microsoft will be including battery usage statistics to the Settings app. Smartphones have had this sort of feature for many years, but it's been conspicuously absent in Windows. Other rumored features that could be moved over from 'Sun Valley' to Windows 11 could include the ability to uninstall most of the pre-installed Microsoft apps, improvements to snap assist for external displays, and a dashboard for your Microsoft Account that lives in the taskbar. Additionally, recent test builds have suggested that the taskbar and the File Explorer process usually seen in Task Manager looks to be separated at long last. Alongside this, thanks to the leaked build, right clicking on the taskbar for Task Manager is now absent, alongside the keyboard shortcut of Win + X to switch to PowerShell is also gone. I can't believe window corner radius is acceleration dependent https://t.co/DODrJJ8JH2June 15, 2021 See more Windows 11 tablet improvements Tablet mode has been one of Windows' weaker points ever since Windows 8. Advertisement However the most important feature currently rumored is a new ‘gesture layer’ that would sit above the user interface and allow trackpad-like gestures on a touchscreen. Pen and voice inputs are both expected to receive further refinement as well, with a new UI for voice and context menu for pen both planned. These tablet features could be a showcase for Windows 11, especially with future Surface products in the pipeline from Microsoft. To have a new, numbered operating system for its upcoming tablets could be a big selling point for new users in due time. Find out where to buy Windows 10 SEE MORE OPERATING SYSTEMS NEWS MORE ABOUT... Prime Day laptop deals 2021: what to expect and when will sales start? Google Wifi LATEST Dynabook expands its Tecra line with new secure laptops SEE MORE LATEST MOST POPULAR Asus TUF A15 By Matt Hansonabout 2 hours ago Acer Swift 3 (2020) By John Loefflerabout 2 hours ago Asus RT-AX58U By Cliff Josephabout 2 hours ago Samsung Portable SSD T5 By Desire Athowabout 2 hours ago Nvidia GeForce RTX 2080 Super By Bill Thomasabout 2 hours ago Microsoft Surface Pro 7 review By Joe Osborneabout 2 hours ago The best thin and light gaming laptops 2021 By Matt Hansonabout 2 hours ago Italy vs Switzerland live stream: how to watch today's Euro 2020 match free and from anywhere By Kevin Lynchabout 2 hours ago Duda raises $50m to help SaaS firms build improved websites By Anthony Spadaforaabout 2 hours ago Jazz vs Clippers live stream: how to watch game 5 NBA playoffs 2021 online from anywhere By Aatif Sulleymanabout 2 hours ago Advertisement TECHRADAR NEWSLETTER Sign up to get breaking news, reviews, opinion, analysis and more, plus the hottest tech deals! Your Email Address Contact me with news and offers from other Future brands Receive email from us on behalf of our trusted partners or sponsors No spam, we promise. You can unsubscribe at any time and we'll never share your details without your permission. Advertisement MOST POPULAR MOST SHARED iPhone 12 1 iPhone 13 or iPhone 12? Should you wait for 2021's Apple phone? 2 TurboTax customer accounts affected by cyberattack 3 Rewatching The X-Files? Here's an exciting way to do it in 2021 4 How to watch Euro 2020 free: live stream every 2021 match online from anywhere 5 How to watch the Marvel movies in order TECHNOLOGY MAGAZINES ● ● ● Technology Magazines The best buying advice From $7.15 VIEW TECHNOLOGY MAGAZINES ● ● ● Technology Magazines The best buying advice From €8 VIEW TECHNOLOGY MAGAZINES ● ● ● Technology Magazines The best buying advice From £7.15 VIEW Advertisement TechRadar is part of Future US Inc, an international media group and leading digital publisher. Visit our corporate site. About Us Terms and conditions Privacy policy Cookies policy Advertise with us Web notifications Accessibility Statement GDPR consent © Future US, Inc. 11 West 42nd Street, 15th Floor, New York, NY 10036.

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